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Katunda, Nelona 2

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Guybrush Threepwood
Facility Management & Income
Year 17 Day 317
by Supervisor Guybrush Threepwood
From this moment, Centrepoint Space Station will pay out the Facility Income around mid-month!
Please, make sure that the OP of your facility is still active!
Further we will retrain 10% of future income for this kind of management service.
Togan Jano
Current Absence
Year 17 Day 244
by Governor-General Togan Jano
Due to real live troubles, I am mostly unable to do SWC related work. Please be patient, especially with middles, I do have all required data to complete them once I have time for SWC again. Togan Jano
Togan Jano
Computer Errors Discard Months of Centrepoint-Managed Facility Income
Year 15 Day 303
by Governor-General Togan Jano
Presse Release
Office of the Governor-General

Centrepoint Station, Corellia - Technical staff at Centrepoint Space Station have discovered a severe fault in the computer programs that run Centrepoint Space Station\'s facility income management.

After an inquiry about missing facility income by one of our customers, members our technical staff have discovered an error in the program that handles the income of the thousands of casinos, banks, ATMs, starports and other facilities that are managed by Centrepoint Space Station. This error caused over 50% of the income to be neglected in the calculations, resulting in our customers not receiving all of the income they were entitled to.

The problem has now been fixed and future income should not be affected, however all customers of Centrepoint Space Station are asked to cross-reference the income report with their own inventory to check for missing facilities. Fortunately, backups of the data are available and experts are now working on retrieving the missing data so the financial department can start sending out the missing income. According to Governor-General Jano, who has taken control of the investigation, retrieval of the relevant data is slow and he asks customers to be patient.

The \"late payout\" clause in the facility management contracts is in effect in this case, meaning all customers are entitled to 100% of the income generated for missing facilities. Payouts will start once all data has been retrieved.

Any questions should be directed to the Governor-General directly.

Togan Jano
Expansion of Services
Year 14 Day 70
by Governor-General Togan Jano
Centrepiont Space Station is proud to announce its expansion into the transportation and financial sector.

The short term rewards for our customers are, that we now offer to construct and manage the following facilities and space stations:
Crew Quarters, ATM, Bank, Starport, Asteroid Hideout

The long term rewards are still to be determined as we explore multiple service options for our customers, including but not limited to personal and corporate loans and re-introducing our fast and reliable transportation service.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Togan Jano for more information.
Togan Jano
Centrepoint opens new brand of Trading Stations
Year 13 Day 203
by Governor-General Togan Jano
Centrepoint is proud to announce a new brand of Trading Stations to supplement the current Centre Point brand of Commerce Centres.

These stations will be placed in strategic locations around the galaxy to provide safe and free access to the galactic market. The first three stations have already been opened and many more are planned. A list of the available locations (for both stations and commerce centres of the Centre Point brand) are available on the Markets page on the Centrepoint Space Station holosite.

We would like to thank the generosity of Galactic Commerce Collective and David Sarif who each donated a station to the brand.

If you would like free access to the galactic market on your planet or in your system or sector, please contact Togan Jano for more information.
Togan Jano
Leaves of absence
Year 12 Day 205
by Governor-General Togan Jano
Togan Jano will be away from June 27 to June 28 as well as July 1 to July 3. All middles that are sent/requested in those timeframes will be dealt with as soon as possible once I\'m back (i.e. either on June 29 or July 4).

Unfortunately, that also means that Facility Income for July will be distributed a bit later than usually. If that is a problem for you, please let me know and I\'ll try to find a way to pay it out sooner.
Togan Jano
New Exclusive Advertising rights
Year 12 Day 133
by Governor-General Togan Jano
Starting Year 12 Day 153 (May 1), two more categories will be up for exlusive advertising rights for a maximum of 6 months. Once again those advertising rights are auctioned through Centrepoint Space Station\'s account. Please check the FAQ on sponsoring ads for sponsoring rules.
Togan Jano
Leave of Absence
Year 11 Day 159
by Governor-General Togan Jano
I will be unavailable from right now until late Sunday afternoon (I will not have any internet connection during that time).

Additionally, I will be away from May 18 to approximately May 28, again without any kind of internet connection.

I cannot middle during the above periods and cannot create new CPM accounts, so you will either have to wait or contact another Centrepoint command staff member for CPM accounts or another listed middle for helping with trades.
Guybrush Threepwood
Centrepoint is still looking for new Members!
Year 11 Day 26
by Supervisor Guybrush Threepwood

!Pilots wanted!

Centrepoint Station acts as a trading centre for all beings and groups within the Galaxy. We do not support either side in the current conflict, therefore all are welcome to set foot on our decks.
We offer many facilities and services, from accommodations to provide a long term outpost for some groups, with storage facilities and docking bays, to the would be Bounty Hunter, Stalking his prey and in need of rest or a place to gather, and gain, his resources.

Centrepoint Space Station offers the gateway to the Outer Rim...conveniently located in the Corellian and Ottega System.
If you've ever wanted to travel to the Outer Rim, earn some cash, and just have fun, then Centrepoint is for you!
We offer first class facilities for guests and staff alike, while entertaining some of the wildest and strangest beings. Itís the rarest chance to join the most exotic station ever, and see the galaxy in style!
You can do all these this and more by hiring on as a cargo captain, delivering cargo to the very edge of the galaxy, flying Support for our Stations and coming come back, and sharing the tales of your adventures!

Send your personal data sheet and written application to Togan Jano (togan@swcombine.com) right now!
Togan Jano
More news on the missing income
Year 10 Day 311
by Governor-General Togan Jano
After a thorough analysis of the flight recorder, it seems that the late pilot Oyuna Bintaghr was able to distribute the casino incomes completely to our customers.

The fact that she was able to cross the galaxy in only two days opens up speculations on the reason for the hyperdrive failure of the YT-510 freighter she was flying.

Rumors have long speculated that it might be possible to tune your hyperdrive in a way that allows it to travel at a speed of up to 75. However, these rumors have so far been unverified by scientitst at every known research insitute. When asked about these rumors, Tolth Ginn from the Corellian Institute for Hyperspace Theory replied that "they are just that, theories. At this time, we have determined that the power consumption to achieve such a behaviour is just too high enough to make it possible at this time. The reactors of any known ship just couldn't come up with the needed energy."

Further investigation of the ship will hopefully bring more results and insight into the modification theories.

If any of our customers believe that they haven't received their casino income, please contact Governor-General Togan Jano to clear up the matters.
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