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Greetings, Guest Year 25 Day 208, 10:13:42 CGT
Katunda, Helona 27
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Centrepoint Space Station is now hiring skilled freighter pilots! Please fill out the form below completely (if you fail to provide information, your application will be rejected).
Notice: Do not apply through SWC's Darkness interface at this time! All requests not pre-approved will be automatically declined.

Why join Centrepoint?

Centrepoint Space Station offers the gateway to the Outer Rim...conveniently located in the Corellian system at the very center of galactic trade. If you've ever wanted to travel to the Outer Rim, earn some cash, and just have fun, then Centrepoint is for you! We offer first class facilities for guests and staff alike, while entertaining some of the wildest and strangest beings. Its the rarest chance to join the most exotic station ever, and see the galaxy in style!

You can do all these and more by hiring on as a cargo captain, delivering cargo to the very edge of the galaxy, coming back, and sharing the tales of your adventure! If you've ever wanted to be a fighter pilot, but disdain typical military bureaucracy, sign up for the Station Defence Force and sit around drinking caf with your friends all day, or sign aboard for escort duty and protect the convoys at their exotic locations! And if you do a little business of your own there, who's to know? If you've got the agility and blaster skills, sign up for Station Security! Or if you've always wanted to fix things, join the Repair Crew as a mechanic! Any of these ways is the fast ticket to fun and excitement!

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