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Centrepoint History

Kell's Era

The Founding:

Kell brought to Anti-Tarkin (CO of Alliance Logistics) a plan, that plan called for a Trading Company, but this would not be any ordinary Trading company it would deal in everything from ship repair to shuttle transport services. Anti liked the plan and set things in motion, behind the scenes activity was set in place and the farce of Logistics work was ignored. The groundwork for Kell's plan was completed and the next phase was reached. Kell & Anti reached out to friends in the Alliance and showed them the plan (Hobbes, Vykk, Corran etc) they were delighted with the plan and welcomed the change from the inefficient and slow alliance. When the time came to move over to the company a large portion of Alliance Logistics, sections of Fleet, Ground and Special Forces defected to this new group in search of a better life. This company was to be named...Centrepoint Space Station

The Building:

The building was the most difficult era in the history of Centrepoint. Kell, Anti & Biggs looked after the holosite with help from others such as Friarblues and Kodam. Centrepoint took shape and began to be recognised in the galaxy as a well organised and established company.

The Flourishing:

During this period Centrepoint continued it's meteoric rise with one or two minor hiccups when Biggs had a disagreement with Kell & Anti and left along with a few other members. This however did not damage Centrepoint and in the long term was decidedly better off. To replace Biggs and the few members that left I was elevated to Station Commander along with other promotions. At our height of glory we employed 44 full time employees and 3 freelancers, which was indeed quite a feat for but a small company.

The Death:

Centrepoint prefers not to mention this period but for the archives it will allow it's self to divulge parts of what happened during this period of turmoil and loss. It was the week before Christmas and we received news of the death of our beloved leader Kell, this shocked the galaxy and deeply saddened many of us in Centrepoint who thought of Kell not as our leader but as our friend. We acted swiftly and Anti was appointed the leader of Centrepoint pending an official meeting on the matter when things settled down. We organised a funeral for Kell shortly after Christmas which was attended by such people as Mon Akira (Alliance Leader), Princess Storm, who inevitably could not make it but sent her regards to us all, and many other notable figures in the galaxy.

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Anti's Era

The Waiting:

After we had recovered from the initial shock of Kell's death we continued with the station forever adding to and improving it. At some point in this time we received mixed reports of Kell's death being a farce we took it upon ourselves to investigate and found that indeed it was a farce and Kell, our beloved leader, was in fact very much alive. Some in the galaxy shunned and disapproved of what Kell did but the ones who regarded him as a friend knew the whole story and the reasons why he did what he did, we accepted them and welcomed him back to us. This period carried another surprise for us as shortly after rejoining us Kell expressed to us that he could no longer continue as our leader and had to leave us and the galaxy for some time alone where he could think and consider what he would do but swore to us he would return one day to again lead Centrepoint onwards to glory.

The Decline:

Once Kell had left us for his time alone Anti once again took the position of leader. This period was quiet time in the galaxy when everything was at peace and people got restless and left their respective companies in droves for a more exciting life, Centrepoint though strong was not immune to this disease and lost a large proportion of it's members over a period of time.

The Separation and Death:

After the disease had swept through Centrepoint we were left with but 8 active full time employees these were mainly comprised of those who had known Kell as a friend and continued on with his dream. It was late one night and the crew got together, not a word was spoken among us we sat around the conference table in silence all knowing what was about to happen but none of us daring to speak about it, instead preferring to ponder it privately ourselves. Anti arrived and the meeting started with the usual reports from each department, the reports were delivered with out any enthusiasm and with a sense of knowing these would be our last reports. We covered the usual topics and then Anti came to the main issue of the meeting, What to do about Centrepoint? We knew that Kell's dream was dying and for us to remain would be futile for no amount of rebuilding planning could bring it back. It was at this point, the door to the conference room opened and in stepped a man we all knew, it was Kell. Anti had called Kell and asked him to return to us for this last meeting and help decide what would happen. Anti set before us a range of options we could continue with Centrepoint and undertake a major restructuring and hope that it would be enough to save Centrepoint, we could leave Centrepoint and start a new company or we could all leave and go our separate ways. Anti put this to us and we all voted, except Kell who refused to vote, as he believed it was now our company, our dream, and with no amount of persuasion by all of us could he be convinced to vote. Anti tallied the votes and announced the results. "4 in favour of leaving and going our separate ways, 3 for restructuring and 1 for starting a new company." So it was decided, we would all go our separate ways but swore to remain friends no matter what. Hobbes went back to the Alliance, Anti started his own group, Correll went to the Empire, Jen, Rostar and Rocky went freelance and the two who voted to stay, Myself & Kun, stayed on with Centrepoint. We said our goodbyes, tears from Jen, and raised our glasses and in union said "To Centrepoint, To Kell, To the future!" Those who were leaving went down to the main hanger bay while Kun & Myself went to bridge to watch the others leave. One by one their ships left the main hanger bay and flew past the bridge waving their wings in appreciation for what we were doing, for we all believed in the dream. When Kell, the last to leave, was gone Kun and I sat down with some strong caf and enough paper to carpet the Imperial Palace.

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Khan & Kun's Era

The Re-building:

For hours we sat planning, debating and structuring a new Centrepoint. By the end of it all we had the conference table covered in scraps of paper, diagrams and contact address's. The next morning we sent our feelers out and managed to recruit a few new employees to tide us over until we could get a recruiting drive going. Within a week we had 10 employees one of which was Rostar who contacted us expressing a wish to come back. The planning and re-building went on for months and eventually came to an end when the new and improved holosite was completed. We worked hard at dispelling the Pro-Imperial attitude we had earned during the previous era, this work would go on well into the future stretching even to when I returned to Centrepoint. With this done Kun quietly slipped away into the wood work promising one day to return to us. Without Kun I undertook the management single handed.

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Khan's Era

The Nurturing:

After Kun's departure I managed the station myself for a while but found the task too much for one man. I went in search of someone to replace Kun, and I found him in Skywalker. Why he came from his position as High Ambassador of the Alliance to a position managing a mere company will remain a mystery to us all. Myself & Skywalker, known as Sky to his friends, managed the station for a while but the time came when I had to take my leave of Centrepoint temporarily as I needed time to think and consider my future. I left Sky in charge with knowledge that he would carry Centrepoint on to a bright future. 

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Skywalker's Era

The Blooming:

Sky instantly changed some aspects of the Centrepoint design and cleaned out all the restless employees replacing them in part with eager and willing people. The galaxy once again came alive with business and trade and Centrepoint took full advantage of this and became THE Trading Company in the galaxy.

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Khan & Sky's Era

The Expansion:

After some time I came back to Centrepoint, with a new energy and enthusiasm for Centrepoint I took what Sky had done with Centrepoint and expanded it even more into the fields of Transport, Medical Care & Droid Services with the help of willing and eager members and released a galactic wide catalogue so anyone anywhere could see our wares.

The Leaving:

No sooner had I returned that an unfortunate occurrence befell Centrepoint. In union Sky and Myself announced that we both we're taking our leave of Centrepoint, as we both needed time alone to consider what we were going to do with our lives. This was a blow to Centrepoint but did in no way cripple it, Sky and Myself agreed that Rostar should assume the leadership position of Centrepoint. Though we were leaving we both left something for Centrepoint, Sky left The Skywalker Foundation and I left The Trading Council both we're to operate independently from the other but had the same goals, To make trading secure and safe for all and ensure market stability to prevent galactic recessions.

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A Conclusion

Centrepoint found it's beginnings as relatively small unimportant company but through time and hard work built an name for it's self, a name that would mean respect, honour and good times. The period between "The Founding" and "The Leaving" is approximately two years indeed a long time and containing many events it will not compare to the future of Centrepoint. In it's time Centrepoint has seen many companies come and go and is among one of the few remaining companies from the "early days" out lasting such organizations as the Interstellar Federation.   

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Rostar's & Balavan's Era

This was an era of prosperity and expansion for Centrepoint with leadership resting almost solely in Rostar's hands due to Balavan being almost always away from the station on personal business. Zeblork also departed the station for personal reasons during this era and the infamous Ecridox terrorist takeover and subsequent liberation of the station took place. During this time Centrepoint purchased a lottery license from the Galactic Empire and began running their successful weekly raffles and later their fortnightly lotteries. Near the end of this era I began the construction of the new Centrepoint Holosite. Both Balavan & Rostar took their leave of the station simultaneously for personal reasons and leadership of Centrepoint passed to Togan.

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Togan's Era

Inflation in the galaxy reached record highs with all but the most wealth companies and individuals having a hard time turning a profit. Centrepoint signed agreements with three major ship producers which gave her a direct line to a large variety of ships. Profit margins rose dramatically during Togan's era with Centrepoint being able to upgrade her main station and begin to think about expanding to other locations. The Galaxy Map was also finally completed during Togan's era but heralded a sad event. During the public release of the map Togan announced his intention to leave Centrepoint for a brief period of time, Zorran Black was to take his place as owner and leader.

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Lord's Era

Who knows what the future will hold....

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Written by Warlord Khan on the 11/7/01

Authors Note:
  My time at Centrepoint was one of the best in my life. I'd like to thank the "old crew" and the current crew for all their work and years of friendship special thanks must go to Sky for his work at Centrepoint, most importantly though Kell must be thanked for realising the dream of Centrepoint and building it. Kell, you have never left us in spirit and Centrepoint will forever be associated with your name, thanks for the dream, I will always carry it with me, without you I would not be where I am, Thanks mate.

Warlord Khan,

Former CO of Alliance Logistics
Former Member, Station Commander, Leader & Owner Of Centrepoint Space Station
Currently....Some where in the outer-rim...

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