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Greetings, Guest Year 25 Day 177, 03:30:15 CGT
Atunda, Nelona 31
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Welcome to the HoloNet Channel of CSS...

Centrepoint Station acts as a trading centre for all beings and groups within the Galaxy. We do not support either side in the current conflict, therefore all are welcome to set foot on our decks. We offer many facilities and services, from accommodations to provide a long term outpost for some groups, with storage facilities and docking bays, to the would be Bounty Hunter, Stalking his prey and in need of rest or a place to gather, and gain, his resources. Centrepoint is here to bring you all to the one place, where Corellian can drink with Ithorian, Imperial can trade with Rebel, and where the turmoil of galactic conflict remains off our decks.

Who are we?

Located at 6,0 in the Corellian system, bordering the core lies Centrepoint Space Station. The grey hull comprising of a variety of facilities: docking bays, storage modules, shipyards, academies and a host of civil facilities such as casinos, taverns and hotels. Offering these facilities and more to friends and guests alike.

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