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Greetings, Guest Year 25 Day 150, 15:09:45 CGT
Datunda, Nelona 4
Centrepoint Law


Activities within our station and space parameters:

There is to be no aggressive behaviour on the station premises. We are here to provide you with a safe trading environment. We do not allow people to make skirmishes within our space traffic areas and a certain perimeter.

Actions against Centrepoint:

You are not to attack Centrepoint if your deals go sour, or you don't like our services. No stealing of our equipment, and or damage to it will be tolerated.

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You are permitted to conduct any type of trading in whatever goods or services you wish. We accept no liability and take no responsibility for illegal goods being traded on the station, but do not accept them.

When trading with us we require you to transfer the credits or assets first and will refuse to deal with anyone who does not accept these terms.

Once you have undertaken a trade with us you may not pull out our cancel the trade in anyway. Centrepoint reserves the right to seize assets up to or above the value of our loss.

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Bounty Hunters

Bounty captures:

You are not permitted to capture/kill your bounty on Centrepoint territory, whether within the station or in our space. You are given access to our information services free of charge.

You will be permitted to trade and use any services on Centrepoint, (at your cost). You are permitted to pursue your bounty on the space station and in our space, BUT you cannot capture/kill them. This is only to be done outside Centrepoint parameter.

All other rules apply to you as they do for all other visitors to Centrepoint.

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Station Security:

Centrepoint security forces have the right to use any means to protect the station and it's visitors. If you are a threat to our security you will be escorted off Centrepoint, OR you will be arrested and detained.

Station Space:

Centrepoint security has the right to use any means to protect the stations and all ships under its protection (in its space). Any hostile actions will result in your ship being neutralized and you and your ship detained for an indefinite period of time.

When you enter Centrepoint space you will abide by all rules that are set. If you break a rule, no matter how insignificant it is, we have the right to throw you out or detain you for an indefinite period of time.

If you attempt to cause harm to Centrepoint Space station, it's personnel, or our clients, we have the right to use any means necessary to stop you. We shoot to kill.

Visitor Security:

We protect all visitors of Centrepoint. Your affiliations and history are irrelevant and will not be used against you in any way. You are safe while on Centrepoint, BUT if you break our rules you will be thrown out and or detained by any means necessary.

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Entry to Centrepoint is totally free. We charge nothing for our protection and the chance to meet other traders. After all money doesn't just grow on tree's.

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Centrepoint Rights

We have the right to hold you and/or your ship if you attempt to cause Centrepoint or it's clientele harm. Your fate will then be decided.

Any damage you cause, whether intentional or accidental will be paid for by you. If any of our personnel are wilfully killed, you will incur a death mark upon yourself. If you destroy our ship your ship will become ours, unless you can pay the cost of the ship you destroyed.

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Customer Confidentiality Agreement

Centrepoint understands that in a galaxy at war secrecy is of the utmost importance, for this very reason we have established our customer confidentiality agreement. Any organizations or individuals who trade with us, purchase our services or utilise us in any way are automatically subject to the CCA which provides that:

Neither Centrepoint or the other party will reveal any information related to their dealings with us under any circumstances unless permission is given by both parties. Breaking the CCA can result in a fine or punishment depending on the severity of action and importance of the dealing.

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Centrepoint Space

Centrepoint considers the grid squares adjacent to her space stations as 'Centrepoint Space' which is thus subject to all terms and conditions as listed above.

Additionally, all sectors, systems, planets and cities controlled by Centrepoint are considered as 'Centrepoint Space'.

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